ADL Data EMR can utilize the Microsoft Active Directory for Logon Authentication

ADL Data EMR can utilize the Microsoft Active Directory for Logon Authentication.

This is to assist organizations that want to manage the computer security from using Microsoft Active Directory.

Flags can be set to have user passwords managed through the Active Directory.

ADL passwords will not be checked to logon.

ADL Security module has been modified as follows:

  • Global flag added to indicate MS Active Directory is to be used.
  • ADL programs will ignore Passwords on startup and use the Users Active Directory Login.
  • Available Actions/Functions continue to be based on User Roles defined in ADL security.
  • Strong Password is checked/handled by Active Directory Security.



ADL Certified for NCPDP 10.6 Electronic Pharmacy Transmissions

As of November 1, 2014, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) effected their mandate requiring long-term care providers to conduct electronic pharmacy transmissions via the National Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) 10.6 Script protocol.

ADL has been certified by pharmacy software vendors to be in compliance with the new protocol.


ADL-Optima Rehab Interface for MDS Rehab Minutes and Notes

In addition to importing the Progress Notes from Optima Rehab, facilities can import and auto-populate the MDS Rehabilitation Minutes directly into the MDS Assessments. Certification testing has been completed for the Optima Rehab MDS Rehab minutes import functions. Importing the Rehab saves time by accurately calculating the minutes from the Rehab Treatment Sheets stored on the Optima Rehab.

The import function is available in the ADL-EMR user interface and supports both Rehabilitation Vendors and In-house Rehabilitation departments.

Several integration projects are nearing completion to enable access to data from their Contracted Service providers. This is part of ADL’s ongoing commitment to provide seamless integrations between ADL Data’s EMR/EHR solutions and major software used by Vendor Service Providers.

Contact Ulysses Fleming (914-591-1800) for information on enabling these features.


First Data Bank Updates Now Weekly

We have upgraded the subscription to receive updates from First Data Bank Weekly. This will provide better tracking of the costs as most of the pharmacies are updating their pricing weekly. The updates are available by download as previously handled.


ADL Installs New Tele-Conferencing System

In our efforts to improve client communications, we have installed a Polycom Real Presence Video Conferencing System.

The Real Presence Room Solutions delivers an exceptional, virtual meeting experience and opens up new avenues of collaboration, across any network, protocol, application, or device. The biggest benefit is the ability to setup face-to-face meetings between ADL Staff and clients in a matter of minutes, regardless of location.

The Polycom Real Presence delivers HD video and Voice conferencing straight to other Telepresence Conferencing systems or the desktop computers with easy-to-use features.