Drafts of the October 2016 CMS Release

CMS has released the following drafts from some of the MDS item sets for the October 2016 release:

  • a draft of the MDS 3.0 Nursing Home Comprehensive (NC) Version 1.14.0;
  • a draft of sections A and GG of the MDS 3.0; and
  • a draft of the new MDS 3.0 PPS Part A Discharge (End of Stay) (NPE/SPE) Version 1.14.0.

All may be downloaded from the Downloads section at the bottom of the SNF Quality Reporting Program Measures and Technical Information website. They have not been made available on the MDS Technical Information website, yet.

Other MDS Technical News

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ADL Receives PrescribersConnection LTC Certification

June 8, 2015 – ADL Data Systems, Inc. awarded the LTC Partner Certificate of Compliance by PrescribersConnection®, LLC. This new Healthcare industry designation recognizes ADL Data Systems’ commitment to the Long Term and Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) industry, LTPAC Shared Patient Model, and adherence to NCPDP Script 10.6 initiative of November 1, 2014. PrescribersConnection welcomes ADL Data Systems as an ‘Early Adopter’ of the LTC Workflows and Standardization effort underway.

ADL Data Systems, Inc., Optimum Order Entry 2015-04 software, has been certified as of June 8, 2015 in accordance with standardized established NCPDP integration requirements. To successfully pass the PrescribersConnection LTC Certification, the order entry software must complete rigorous and thorough certification tests within these 4 key areas:

  1. Long Term Care Workflows {Census, NewRx, RxFill, Resupply, CancelRx and Response }
  2. PrescribersConnection Application Integration Requirements
  3. PrescribersConnection Script 10.6 Implementation
  4. Connectivity through PrescribersConnection Network

About ADL Data Systems, Inc.

ADL Data Systems has been developing integrated Accounting and EHR/EMR solutions for nursing home facilities and chains for 40 years. The software enables long-term care and senior living communities to deliver superior care, better clinical outcomes and improved financial returns. The software is designed to assist providers to deliver person-centered care, maximize revenues, reduce readmissions, and integrate with major third party vendors.

Please contact sales@adldata.com (914) 591-1800 for more information or if you have any questions. Visit our recently upgraded web site at www.adldata.com

About PrescribersConnection®, LLC.

PrescribersConnection is a developer and marketer of electronic prescription (ePrescription) software solutions that automate the prescription fulfillment processes for healthcare organizations and pharmacies. In addition to our Retail Network, the PrescribersConnection LTC Network is a linked network of Long Term and Post-Acute Care facilities, prescribers, and pharmacies delivering fast and reliable electronic transport of census information, new orders, fill confirmations, resupply requests, and discontinued medications.

It is ONE connection providing facilities with access to ALL pharmacies and prescribers within the PrescribersConnection Network. It is ONE set of standardized workflows for all facilities, prescribers and pharmacies.  It is ONE certification process to enable sending to all pharmacies on the LTC Network.

To learn more about PrescribersConnection, please visit: www.prescribersconnection.com

ADL 10.6 Omnicare Certification

ADL Data Systems, a software provider for nursing homes, announced that its electronic health record platform has been certified with Omnicare, the leading pharmacy services provider for nursing homes. ADL clients using the Physician Order Entry system can engage in bi-directional communications via the NCPDP Scripts 10.6 interface to electronically transmit prescriptions to Omnicare.

The Omnicare Certification assures that facilities using the ADL software will have a seem-less experience electronically communicating with Omnicare Pharmacies.  The integration time and costs are significantly less.

The integration assists in Omnicare being able to process and fill their Rx Orders quickly and accurately. This reduces the risk of medication errors and reduces the time needed to deliver the medications to the facility. With medication management being the number one risk factor in nursing homes, this certification with Omnicare makes an easy decision for nursing homes to improve their current medication ordering and administration processes.

About ADL Data Systems
ADL Data Systems, Inc. helps nursing homes meet the challenges of operating long term care senior facilities by enabling them to achieve better patient care while mitigating risks. For more information on ADL Data Systems software solutions, please visit www.adldata.com or follow us on Twitter @adldata.