Vein finder detects subcutaneous veins

Cutting-edge Vein finder detects subcutaneous veins through patented infrared light technology – in effect, providing you with a vivid vein map with the click of switch. With a precise map to follow, your staff’s first stick success rate will soar . Why is this important? Because this in turn will lead to greater patient satisfaction. Employees will be happier, too, as the difficulty in finding an adequate vein decreases dramatically and they are able to do their jobs better. Vein finder is highly beneficial when treating patients where vascular positioning is difficult, such as with the following conditions: child obesity, swollen tissue, hairy skin, hypovolemia, and more. Vein finder also has three color settings to ensure it works with all colors of skin.

See the manufacturer’s web site here.


Support for Data Encryption

Support for Data Encryption

The new upgrade offers the options of encrypting Data At-Rest and Data In-Transit. These functions are for strong security and are needed where the data is on a shared network, such as at a university hospital center. This strong encryption ensures that outside viewers or virus software will be unable to decrypt and view the data.


End of Support for Office/Exchange 2007

Microsoft has announced that it will no longer support Office 2007/Exchange 2007 after October 2017.

In addition, Microsoft will no longer offer custom support of Office products to customers with Premier support contracts.

After those end of support dates, we [Microsoft] will no longer offer custom support on any version of Office products (Exchange Server; Office Suites; SharePoint Server; Office Communications Server; Lync Server; Skype for Business Server; Project Server and Visio).

Extended, free support for Microsoft Exchange 2007 with Service Pack 3 is set to end in April 2017. Support for Office 2007 with Service Pack 3 is slated to end next October.

“End of support” means there will be no more fixes or patches — paid or free, security or non-security — coming for specific products.

Contact your Microsoft sales manager for more information.