ADL Security


Application Security – Protecting Your Data

The ADL Security module is integrated with the user Interfaces and support all the different Authentication methods that are needed by the various technologies that are integrated with the operating system. Most of these devices have specific drivers and protocols that need to be used. Most are not supported by Microsoft’s Active Directory Services.

The ADL Security module supports Active Directory and the users passwords can be controlled via the Active Directory which will automatically synchronize with the ADL Security module.

Security Module

Several Levels of Security are provided through the operating System and Microsoft Active Directory, however, there is a need to provide a higher level of security control:

  • User Access the system for Non-Microsoft Devices.
  • User Access at the User Interface Level – Menu options.
  • User Access at the program level (Create, Read, update, Destroy – CRUD)
  • Gateway Access for Interchanging data with other Providers and Exchanges.
  • Biometric Devices for authenticating identities.
  • User Access Across Multiple Facilities controlled by the Organization.
  • User Access to communications methods (eMail, SMS, Chat, IM, etc.)
  • File Sharing Services