Auditing Tools


Auditing Tools


Pharmacy Charge Audit Program

Analyze your pharmacy charges to ensure that they comply with the latest drug pricing schedules and your pharmacy contract. Locate discrepancies instantly before it’s too late.

Pharmacy Vendors send Pharmacy Charge files containing Drug Charges for Patients not covered under Medicare Part D plans. These Charges are invoiced to the nursing home and the cost of some of the prescriptions can be extremely expensive. Most facilities have contracts that defines how the drugs are priced by the pharmacy to the facility. However, insuring that the correct pricing formulae have been applied to the drugs is a time consuming and expensive task usually performed by a consultant pharmacist.

ADL’s Pharmacy Charge Audit Program can process your Pharmacy Charge File in seconds, calculate the drug prices, and apply the rules of your pharmacy agreement. The program generates an Excel spreadsheet of the charges with the calculated costs and a column for variances.

For more information go to ADL’s Pharmacy Charge Audit page.

Auditing Tools
  • Pharmacy Charge Audit
  • Therapeutic Interchanges Charting
  • Drug Regiment Review
  • Improve Quality of Care
  • Reduce Cost of Care