This section contains many cheat sheets to assist the Nurses and Healthcare Professionals in their work.  The cheat sheets cover a wide range of subject including desktop productivity software such as Microsoft Office. The cheats sheets can be downloaded for free but you will need to have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your machine to be able to read them.  Some browsers support viewing Acrobat files natively.

The cheat sheets are available from the Help Topics in the ADL User Interface, but for those who wish separate reference sheets or who do not use the ADL EMR software we are making them available on the web.

About Adobe Acrobat® (PDF)

The Adobe Acrobat® Reader allows the viewing and printing of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. To download the Reader, which is freeware, connect to the Adobe Systems Inc. website (see link below). Complete all the download steps; you will only have to do this once.  After completion of setup, you’ll have the ability to view and print any PDF file; this format is commonly used on the World Wide Web for material that needs to be printed out in a specific format (such as order forms and tax forms).  You can download a PDF file to your system to view it, or you can view it on-line.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader now.

Adobe Acrobat Wiki