ePrescribing: DEA-EPCS Digital Certificates


ADL Data Systems is excited to announce our Order Entry application is now DEA Certified for EPCS (ePrescribing of Controlled Substances)

Using the ADL Data Systems EHR/Physicians Order Entry, you can securely transmit ePrescriptions for DEA Schedule II-V drugs. The ability to transmit prescriptions electronically between physicians, nursing home and pharmacies, improves the accuracy of the prescribing process and saves time.

The EPCS feature eliminates the need to print controlled substance prescriptions simplifying the process for physicians, nurses and pharmacists. ePrescribing DEA drugs eliminates the possible misuse of printed prescriptions.

The feature enforces 2-factor authentication for prescription of narcotic drugs to ensure that drugs are not prescribed by unauthorized employees like medical assistants, nurses, or administrative staff.

ADL has partnered with IdenTrust to provide identity proofing and issuance of Digital Certificate Tokens used to digitally sign and electronically send prescriptions for controlled substances. By providing the required information to IdenTrust, you will have complete remote identity proofing that will be valid for two years.

To complete your identity proofing you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, date of birth, Social Security number, a credit card number and your driver’s license to IdenTrust. This process will take approximately one week. Once you have received your digital certificate and installed it, register it on the ADL Data DEA-EPCS sign up screen to begin electronically sending controlled substances prescriptions.