HL7 Bi-Directional Gateway: Exchange & Share Information


Health Level Seven
HL7 is the global standard for health information systems interoperability. HL7 simplifies the tasks to exchange information and messages. The ADL HL7 Gateway supports a full range of Inbound and Outbound HL7 messages so information is synchronized with third party vendor and health information systems.

Admission, Discharge and Transfers (ADT)
Automatically transmit ADT information to your Vendors and Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIOs). Data transfer is automatic as the Census information is updated, ensuring that your Vendors and Technology partners are always kept up to date. Easy buttons provide for direct lookup of patient data stored in the RHIO’s database.

  • Advanced Interoperability
  • CCR Record
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Vendor Data Exchange
  • ADT / Census Control
  • Admissions / Discharges
  • Bed Retentions
  • Bi-Directional
  • Diagnoses & Allergies
  • HL7 Transmit / Receive
  • Laboratory Orders
  • Multi-Routing
  • Physician Orders
  • Queued Messaging
  • Radiology Orders
  • Translation Tables
Interfaced With
  • Dashboards / Score Cards
  • ACOs
  • Vendor Pharmacies
  • Vendor Laboratories
  • Vendor Radiology Providers
  • HIX / RHIO
Report Writers
  • ADL Reportwriter
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services