ePrescribing: DEA-EPCS Digital Certificates

ADL Data Systems Order Entry DEA-EPCS Certified (Controlled Substances ePrescribing)

Securely sign and transmit ePrescriptions for DEA Schedule II-V Controlled Substances to the Vendor pharmacy. The ability to transmit DEA prescriptions electronically between nursing home and pharmacies, improves the accuracy and speed of the prescribing process. The EPCS feature eliminates the need to print controlled substance prescriptions simplifying the process for physicians, nurses and pharmacists. ePrescribing DEA drugs eliminates the possible misuse of printed prescriptions.

iBeta Certification
ADL’s ePrescribing system has been certified by iBeta.

Identrust Digital Certificates & Identity Proofing
ADL partners with IdenTrust to provide Identity Proofing and issuance of Digital Certificates, needed to digitally sign and electronically send controlled substance orders. To send DEA orders, Physicians must apply for DEA-EPCS Certificates. This requires supplying information to IdenTrust Once approved your DEA-EPCS will be valid for two years. The DEA-EPCS Certifications are used for 2 Factor Authentication.

2-Factor Authentication – 2FA
Two-factor authentication (2FA) is the standard to provide an extra level of authentication and security. It ensures only authenticated and authorized users gain access to business-critical applications. In today’s threat landscape, relying on just a username and password is no longer sufficient.

Your Smartphone will be used to provide 2-Factor authentication for DEA prescriptions. This security is to ensure that DEA Orders not being prescribed by unauthorized employees like medical assistants, nurses, or administrative staff.

Identity Proofing
To complete your identity proofing you will need to provide your name, address, phone number, date of birth, Social Security number, a credit card number and your driver’s license to IdenTrust. Vetting takes approximately one week and your digital certificate with be sent. Once you’ve received your DEA Certificate and installed it, register it on the ADL Data DEA-EPCS sign up screen to begin electronically sending controlled substances prescriptions.
DEA-EPCS Program
The DEA-EPCS program allows practitioners, hospitals and pharmacies to utilize electronic prescribing controlled substances. The Interim Final Rule (March 31, 2010) allows that a biometric can serve as one factor in the two-factor authentication. The three possible factors for authentication recognized by the DEA are: something you know, something you have and something you are (such as a biometric).