Admissions eForms PDF

Admissions eForms

eForms PDF is a User Interface option that can be used to handle all the Admission forms needed to be completed by the Admissions department and the patient’s guarantors/family. Your forms are converted to PDF format and they are used in the eForms PDF program to enter, print, save, and update the Patient/Resident databases. Users work on forms they are familiar with, while updating the Database and the Document Storage.

Use eForms PDF to replace your facility’s paper forms. Some of the Admission documents that can be handled are:

  • Admission Forms
  • Legal Documents
  • Agreements
  • Advisement Notices
  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Integrates with Database
  • Enhance Record Accuracy
  • Ensure Chart Uniformity
  • Use Existing PDF Forms
  • WYSIWYG Data Entry
  • Scalable Forms
  • eMail Completed PDFs
  • Reduces Storage Space
  • Easy to Handle
  • Readable on Smartphones
  • Forms Workflow
  • Forms Tracking
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Supports Custom Forms
  • PDF Saved with Data
  • Updates Database
  • Updates the Workflow
  • Autofill Fields from Database
  • Print multiple copies