ADL Data’s LTC-Smartphone solution allows nurses and physicians to view EMR charts, electronically co-sign orders, and have secure HIPAA-compliant text conversations via their Smartphones. Connecting practitioners with clinical staff builds better sharing of information.

ADL Data’s solution combines the IPhone/Android User Interfaces and technology to ensure rapid adoption. The LTC-Smartphone key features are direct access to information and quick communication.

Mobile EMR: Practitioners can access a patient chart history anytime from anywhere quicker. For example, a physician who prescribed high blood pressure medicine for a patient can use an iPad to follow-up within minutes.

Mobile eSigning: View Orders and Notes on your Smartphone or Notepad and electronically sign the Orders with simple swipes. No more trips to the facilities to sign orders..

Secure Conversations: This mobile application allows clinical staff and practitioners to converse via HIPAA-compliant text messaging. The communications support IPhone, Android and Microsoft Smartphones. This eliminates multiple missed calls and messages, and expedites clinical care decisions.

  • Access from Anywhere
  • Quicker Communications
  • Improved Outcomes
  • Mobile eSigning
  • HIPAA Compliant
  • Security
  • Operates Across All Smartphones and Pads