Guidelines for Documenting Software Problems

When reporting problems, it’s important to provide information to enable us to quickly track down the issue. To expedite problem resolution, please follow these guidelines.

Documenting a Program Problem

  1. Describe the Problem — Write a brief description about the problem and include module/function where the problem has been found.
  2. Detail the Steps Performed –-Provide a step by step outline of the process that led to the problem
  3. Include Error messages —Include descriptions of the messages and screen shots of the error messages.
  4. Priority —How critical is the problem on a scale of 1 – 10? Assign a priority of 10 to any problems that jeopardize a resident’s health or stop the billing.
  5. Email–Email the documentation to An assigned Case number will be emailed that is used to reference the problem.


Reporting a Program Problem

  1. Hotline — Call the hotline at 914-591-1800 to report the problem.  An assigned a case number will be emailed that is used to reference the problem.
  2. Priority — How critical is the issue on a scale of 1 – 10? ADL considers issues that jeopardize the health of a resident  or stop billing to be the highest priority.
  3. Submit Documentation — Phone (914-591-1800), fax (914-591-1818), or email ( and include the assigned case number.

Comprehensive instructions may be found here.