Skilled Nursing


Patient & Clinicals/EHR

OptimumClinicals Electronic Health and Medical Record system provides a simple, straightforward method to record and electronically transfer resident healthcare information from the point of care to anyone, anywhere within any organization.

Unlike other software packages, which are designed to produce the bare minimum of required documentation, the ADL solution is engineered with the workflow of Care Providers, Clinical Billing Specialists and Clinicians in mind.


Accounting & Financials

The OptimumFinancials suite of accounting software was designed specifically to meet the needs of long term health care organizations. It supports both single and multi-facility companies and features billing applications that integrate directly with all of ADL’s Clinical Software. So treatments and services entered into any clinical module post directly to the General Ledger.


Marketing & Referrals

Analytics & Risk Management



ADL has decades of connecting outside software and hardware vendors. We maintain pre-built interfaces to leading systems saving implementation complexity and time.

Connect to:

  • National Clearing Houses.
  • Regional Health Information Organizations (RHIO)
  • Pharmacies, Automatic Dispensing Units
  • Patient Monitoring Devices
  • Medication Carts
  • Laboratories
  • Radiology providers
  • Rehabilitation Service providers