New System & Firewall Settings Recommended

Notice: Enhancements contained in the next and subsequent software releases
require new system software and firewall settings.

ADL recommends that, beginning with the next update, which is expected to be released within the next couple of weeks, the server running ADLUpdater should run the .Net 4.5 Framework or later. If an earlier Framework is used, some enhanced functionalities contained in the updates may not be available.

The following link explains how to check which version of .Net is installed: //
To download the 4.5 installation software, visit //

Note: The .Net 4.5 Framework is not supported by the Windows 2003 Server. If the client’s ADL environment is hosted on a Windows 2003 Server, new functionality included in the next and future releases will not be available.

Additionally, the new web server uses port 5000 by default. This port must be accessible to computers on the private network running ADL clinical and/or financial applications. If using a firewall, this port must be unblocked.

If the client wishes to use a port other than 5000, ADL will configure the server to use the required port.

Please contact ADL with any questions you may have via e-mail ( or phone (914)-591-1800.

Rehab CCI Edits Listing Update v23.1

The new listing of Rehab Edits (Version 23.1, effective 04/01/2017 through 06/30/2017) has been released.

1. Download the archive.
2. The password for the archive is: v231
3. The archive contains RehabCCIList.txt file. Copy the file to ADLx directory where Rehab Touch applications (RehabEditTool.dll, and RehabTouch.exe) are located.

The list is used by Rehab Touch to prompt for -59 and -X{EPSU} modifiers.


Free Basic Training For Microsoft Office

Free Basic Training For MS Office 2016 Users


If you use Microsoft Office 2016, either at home or work, here’s a useful training resource to help you get to grips with the basic features of all the Office programs. To start, head to this Microsoft Office Training webpage and download one or more “roadmap” diagrams. There are separate roadmaps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and so on, and they’re in PDF format.

Each roadmap is a list of program features, arranged in a sensible order for learning. You can print out the roadmap, put it on your wall, and tick off each feature as you learn about it.

The best bit, however, is that the roadmaps are interactive. Click on each topic in the PDF file and you get to watch a video that teaches you about the particular feature.

The roadmaps are produced by Microsoft, and the training videos are hosted on LinkedIn, which is also owned by Microsoft now. So you’re getting top-quality instructional videos for free, plus an easy way to keep track of your progress

PointRight Testing TLS 1.2

ADL has switched all clients using PointRight Software to TLS 1.2

With attacks on cipher block chaining (CBC) and RC4, it is encouraged that sites enable TLS 1.2. The benefit is that TLS 1.2 supports expansion of support for authenticated encryption ciphers with AES-GCM cipher suites that are not prone to these attacks.

This update will ensure the safest possible transmission of data between the client’s system and the Pointright Servers.

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