Essential Software Solutions for
Long Term Care Organizations

Claims Management for Nursing Homes, Assisted Living, Daycare

Easily manage your invoicing and claims. Designed to simplify your tasks of invoicing and managing Medicare, Medicaid, Insurance and Private payors.

Physician-Nursing EMR/ Order Entry/ Charting

Designed for skilled nursing and other long term care facilities. Enjoy all the benefits of a hospital level system to simplify your documentation and patient care.

Executive Information System

Administration Dashboards and Scoreboards to monitor the productivity and status of the Work and Care-In-Progress.

45+ Years of Healthcare Experience

Over the years we have enabled facilities to make seamless transitions to new technologies without losing their initial training and financial investment. We continually enhance the systems to take advantage of the latest advances in hardware and software technologies.

Software Application Areas

Discover the ADL advantages that can help you find the path to a more modern, successful health facility.

  • Clinical EHR Software
  • Assessments
  • Activity Attendance
  • Care Planning
  • CNA Charting
  • MDS & Care Plans
  • Order Entry
  • eMAR/eTAR/eCheck
  • Rehabilitation
  • Vital Signs / Dx-Allergies
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  • Accounting & Financial
  • Admissions/Discharge/Transfer
  • Accounts Payables/Receivables
  • Ancillary Charges
  • Daycare Claims Submission
  • Nursing Home Claims Submission
  • Budget & Cost Planning
  • Financial Reporting
  • Residents Trust Funds
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  • Add-on Applications
  • Executive Dashboards
  • SmartTV Bed Boards
  • WebForms / PDF
  • Report Writers
  • Third-Party Vendor Interfaces
  • Medical Device Integrations
  • Dietary Vendor Integrations
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Scripts, HL7/FHIR and Vendor Integrations

IoT for Medical Testing Devices

Frameworks support Point-of-Care testing. It connects your EMR with hospital grade medical testing and monitoring devices. Receive immediate results for physicians to make informed decision making.

Clinical & Pharmacokenetic Databases

The software uses the most comprehensible drug and medical device databases to guide healthcare professionals to make precise decisions where entering orders or information.

Pharmacy & Surescripts

Create, update and sign Physician orders. Orders are sent electronically to the pharmacy for filling the prescriptions. Alerts, notifications and dashboards keep nursing informed of the orders status in real-time.

Laboratory, Radiology, HIX

Bi-directional HL7 / FHIR transaction allow laboratory and radiology vendors to integrate the Orders and Results reporting electronically into the EMR.