Project Management/Systems Integration

Project Management Services


Project – Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement

Our Project Management team works with your organization to address the challenges of ensuring successful project implementation and delivery. We work with clients when they need to deploy a new Project or enhance an existing Project to meet the continuously evolving challenges, functions, and services of the business.

Project Deployment

The first step the ADLData Project Manager takes in deploying a Project, is to assess the current environment and develop an Implementation Roadmap taking your organization’s culture and operating practices into consideration. We work with your staff to identify, prioritize, and establish a set of fundamental Project functions and services and then Implementation and Communications Plans. The Implementation Plan identifies and defines the resources, needs and Goal dates, to be monitored.

Managing a Project – Implementation Plan

ADL Data Project managers work in partnership with your staff to insure that the Implementation plan is faithfully followed. Constant communication is critical to the success of a Project. Project objectives and goal dates are collectively established upfront with your staff, and the progress of the Implementation Plan is continually evaluated via Project Reviews.

Operation – Workflow Change Plan

Workflow Change Plan defines the transition path from the old way of doing business to the new. For each area of Change ADL works collaboratively with your organization to develop specific action steps to help mitigate the impact of the change management issues. These actions are designed to help overcome resistance, reduce the impact of past history, and convey a shared vision for acceptance into the business culture. Documented communication strategies are essential to ensure that stakeholders are receiving critical pieces of information at the right intervals.