Budgets & Planning/ERP: Controlling Your Expenses

Budget Planning Graphic with verbiage

Budgeting & Planning


  • Expenses at a Departmental level
  • Powerful tools for planning, projecting and monitoring costs
  • Reports with comprehensive views of expense/revenue status.


  • Budgets for a specific time frame,
  • Control budgets at G/L level.
  • Robust P/L analysis for individual accounts and multiple fiscal years

Simple Setup Options

  • Enter budgets manually
  • Generate Budgets from prior years
  • Import budgets from Excel or Lotus

Online Budget Balances & Analytics

  • See exactly how your organization is spending its money.
  • Review high level budgets
  • Tracking money spent, committed funds and cash on hand
  • Drill down to the full details level


  • Print budget-to-actual summaries
  • Assess how well departments control costs & adhere to
  • View multiple levels of details.

User Defined Reporting

  • Ready-to-use predefined reports
  • User defined report templates

Download Specification Sheet
  • Better Business Decisions
  • Controlling Your Expenses
  • Eliminated Cost Overruns
  • Estimate Your Spending
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Monitor Historical Trending
  • Organize Your Spending
  • Reliable Forecasts
  • Rolling Forecasts
  • What If Analysis
  • Allocations for Current Year
  • Allocations for Prior year
  • Allocations for Prospective Year
  • Auto-Budget Creation
  • Consolidate Worksheets
  • Import / Export Functions
  • Multi-Account Levels
  • Multi-Calc Budget Options
  • Multi-Level Budgeting
  • Multiple Trend Factors
  • Statistic per G/L Account
  • Use Historical Data
  • Variable Based Budgeting