Quick Reference Sheets

Quick Reference Sheets

View and download printable PDF Reference Sheets.

This section contains many cheat sheets to assist the Nurses and Healthcare Professionals in their work.  The cheat sheets cover a wide range of subject including desktop productivity software such as Microsoft Office. The cheats sheets can be downloaded for free but you will need to have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat reader installed on your machine to be able to read them.  Some browsers support viewing Acrobat files natively. The Adobe Acrobat® Reader allows the viewing and printing of PDF (Portable Document Format) files. To download the Reader, which is freeware, connect to the Adobe Systems Inc. website (see link below).

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader now.


adobe Alternatives to High Risk Meds

adobe ISMP List of High-Alert Medications in Acute Care Settings

adobe Psychiatric Drug Guide

adobe “Do Not Crush” Guide January 2014

adobe Oral Dosage Forms That Should Not Be Crushed: An ISMP publication, 2015

adobe High Alert Medications

adobe FDA & ISMP Tall Man Letters Guide

adobe ISMP Acute Care Guidelines for Timely Administration of Scheduled Medications

adobe BEERS Pocket Guide

adobe Common Drug Name Stems

adobe YouScript Drug Tables

adobe Barone’s Drug Family Name Guide

adobe Quick Reference to Psychotropic Medications

adobe Pediatric ADHD Meds Quick Reference

adobe Commonly Abused Drugs

ISMP’s Medication Safety Tools and Resources

Drug Disposal Fact Sheets

adobe Disposal Regulations: Registrant Fact Sheet

adobe Disposal Act: General Public Fact Sheet

adobe Disposal Act: Long-Term Care Facility Fact Sheet

adobe EPA: How to Dispose of Medicines Properly


adobe Administering Vaccines to Adults: Dose, Route, Site and Needle Size

adobe Breath Poster

adobe Blood Pressure Chart

adobe Critical Lab Values

adobe Enzymatic Debridement Guide

adobe Global Cognitive Deterioration Scale

adobe ISMP’s List of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols, and Dose Designations

adobe Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA): Prognosis and Key Management Considerations ABCD Score, from the National Stroke Association

adobe Treatment of Hypertension: JNC 8 and More

adobe Peripheral Nervous System Diseases

adobe Symbols

adobe Diabetes Management in General Practice: Guidelines for Type 2 Diabetes from the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners

adobe Australian Cardiovascular Risk Charts

adobe Chronic Kidney Disease Management in General Practice

adobe Guide to Management of Hypertension: by the Heart Foundation

adobePneumcooccal Vaccine Timing-For Adults

Medical Terminology

adobe Medical Terminology Information Sheet

adobe Linda Rhodes Caregiving Medical Terms Cheat Sheet

adobe Medical Office Terminology for Medical Administrative Assistants

Code Blue Cheat Sheet

Medical Terminology Suffixes Cheat Sheet


adobe Sample Food Label

adobe FDA Food Code

NY Growing Season Chart


adobe Managed Long-Term Care Quick Reference


adobe DME Face-to-Face Rule: Face-to-Face Documentation Requirements