Pharmacy Charge Auditor

Pharmacy Charge Auditor

Vendor pharmacies servicing nursing homes send the facility a Pharmacy Charge file containing Drug Charges for Patients that are not covered under their Medicare Part D plan. The Charges are invoiced to the nursing home and the cost of some of the drugs can be extremely expensive. The nursing homes have a contract that defines how the drugs are priced. The problem arises on how to ensure that the correct pricing formulas have been applied to the drugs to determine the costs to be invoiced to the pharmacy.

Normally, the Charge file is audited by the Pharmacy Consultant or a Pharmacy Benefit Management company. However, this is a manual process, costly and subject to simple estimates that the Charge is probably correct.

The ADL Charge Auditor uses the First Data Bank Database to accurate determine the cost of the Drug based on the current published price and the formulas that are to be used to price the various classes of drugs. The pricing is very accurate and will be compared against the Pharmacy Charge Price to determine if there are discrepancies. Differences are highlighted on the Pharmacy Charge Report or Spreadsheet.

Download Specification Sheet
  • Audit Pharmacy Charges
  • Contain Costs
  • Price Pharmacy Charges
  • Saves Money
  • Catch Overcharges
  • Auto-Calc Rx Charges
  • Compares Charges
  • Highlights Discrepancies

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