Dietary Systems


Dietary Systems

Several software companies are focused exclusively on improving the dining experience for residents and patients in the care of healthcare and hospitality facilities.

Their software focus on the Integration and streamlining all aspects of foodservice operation. Allowing the users to build menus based upon the USDA Nutrient File and thousands of HACCP-ready recipes. The meals can then be connected to the person’s likes, dislikes and allergies, so each person will feel as if they are dining at home.

Improving resident management goes hand in hand with increasing resident satisfaction. Ensure that residents’ rights are being met by recording their requests in the electronic card file.

ADL’s ADT module automatically sends census data electronically to dietary management systems such as GeriMenu , MealTracker and SureQuest.

These systems save you money and improve resident care by:
  • Connecting menus with resident preferences
  • Reducing wasted food
  • Controlling food costs
  • Meeting survey requirements
  • Helping to conform with HIPAA and HACCP requirements

The major exchanges of Data are:

Census – The persons do not have to be managed in their systems as the admission, discharges and room changes are automatically transferred via the ADLDATA ADT/HL7 Gateway.

Assessments – Are transferred to the ADL EMR to become part of the resident’sHER/EMR chart.