PreAdmit/Waitlist: Managing Applicants

Use the Wait List to Pre-register prospects and keep track of their status. The Wait List automatically assigns and manages Priority numbers (next to be admitted). Once the prospect is admitted to the facility or removed from the list, the Priority is automatically re-sequenced.

Collect Data in Advance of Admitting

Collect the new Admit paperwork in advance of their entry to the facility and ensure the Admitting data is more accurate and complete. During the Registration process data entered in either the Wait list or CRM can be moved to the live patient database.

This module maintains a parallel copy of all data fields that are used in the level patient database and includes:

  • Socio-Demographic
  • Guarantor/Guardian
  • Bill to and Copy
  • Diagnoses and Allergies
  • Assessments
  • Eligibility & Insurance Coverage

All the data fields used in the admission/Registration process are available in the Wait list module. You can collect and edit significant parts of the information prior to making it part of the patient’s record.

Track Applicants

Waiting list is used to track and document the processing of prospective admissions. This module tracks and notifies the admissions office when there is an available room/bed for the next Patient on the Waiting list. The software documentation ensures that your organization is in full compliance with Federal equal opportunity regulations.

Share Database With CRM

Wait list interfaces with Client Relations Management (CRM) software and information collected by the CRM module can be accessed. The Wait list and CRM software are powerful tools for prospecting and maintaining contact with potential admits.

Pre-Admit Screening – RUGS Grouper

A Pre-Admit RAI assessment can Pre-Screen potential residents prior to admission. Screening analyzes reimbursement and potential costs involved in providing care for the patient to accurately predict whether caring for this patient will be profitable or not. Easy-to-navigate RUGs Grouper section screens are populated with comprehensive sub-screens referencing relevant aspects of the condition of the resident.

  • Prepare in Advance
  • Prioritize Wait Position
  • Streamline Admitting
  • Maintain Contacts
  • Auto Seniority
  • Pre-Enter Data
  • Pre-Enter Orders
  • Print
  • Track Seniority
  • Quick Admit
Interfaced With
  • Accounting
  • Order Entry