Accounts Receivable: Manage Your Receivables


Accounts Receivable

The Accounts Receivable/LTC module provides an effective tool for managing and collecting patient/resident invoices. The module is easy-to-use, yet has comprehensive features allowing you to maintain complete control of the patient/resident’s billing across payors and access current balances, credits, deposits, and last payment information.

You will be able to print ledgers and statements-on-demand. Multiple Ledger formats are available to provide better views of the coordination of benefits. The Accounts Receivable module streamlines your entire receivables process with a complete series of reporting options, real-time lookups, and a host of time-saving features.

The Accounts Receivable/LTC Module works in conjunction with the General Ledger, and the module is fully integrated with the Patient Invoicing, Ancillary Charges, Banking, Trust Funds and Executive Dashboard modules. Your Accounts Receivable processing will be efficient, effective and reliable for collecting your invoices and payments.

Monitor Receivables

  • Analyze trends
  • Manage online inquiries
  • Track aged receivables

Extended A/R Agings

  • Handle insurance claims
  • Ensure claims aren’t lost
  • Process invoices in less time
  • Simplify collections
  • Identify problematic invoices

Alternate Posting Methods

  • Cash receipts
  • Electronic remittances
  • Embedded HIPAA security
  • Supports CMS 4010/835

Robust Episodic tracking

  • Consolidate accounts for each stay
  • Follow residents across episodes
  • See complete invoice history
  • Track charges, allowances, writeoffs, and payments

Download the Specification Sheet
  • Census Driven Billing
  • Coordination of Benefits
  • RUGS-III 553 PPS Grouper
  • RUGS-III, 34 Grouper
  • Eligibility Inquiries
  • Improve Collections
  • Statement of Benefits
  • Auto-Adjustments / Write-offs
  • Auto-Contractual Allowances
  • Auto-Rebilling
  • Apply Finance Charges
  • Billing Wizards
  • Display Open Invoices
  • Extended Aging Reports
  • Handle HMO Contracts
  • Import / Export Functions
  • Misc. Cash Receipts
  • Multiple Ledger Formats
  • Multiple Posting Methods
  • No Pay Bills
  • Private Statements
  • Track Paysources
  • Track Unbilled Days
  • User Notes
Integrated With
  • ADT / Census Control
  • Ancillary/Vendor Charges
  • Electronic Medical Record
  • General Ledger / Budgeting
  • HIPAA Security
  • MDS / Care Plans
Report Writers
  • ADL Reportwriter
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services