Recreation: Therapeutic & Recreational


Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation are activities that are provided to the residents at scheduled times. The primary purposes of Recreational Therapy are to restore, re-mediate or rehabilitate to improve a patient’s or resident’s functioning and independence.

Therapeutic Recreation is provided by trained and certified, registered and/or licensed professionals.

It consists of treatments, education and recreation services to help people with illnesses and disabilities develop and use their leisure time to enhance their functional abilities, independence and quality of life.

Recreational Services primarily provide resources for activities to improve health and well-being.

Use the Assessment module to assessment the problems of the patient that can be addressed by the Therapeutic Recreation. Use Assessment form from our library or build your own.

Care Plans
Use the Care Planning function to prepare the Care and Treatment Plans with Goals. Multiple methods are available for creating and maintaining the care plans. Plans can be created by:

  • Copying from an existing Care Plan.
  • Auto-Generating from the Assessment
  • Copying Standard Problem Sets from a Facility Problem Set Library

Treatment Tracking
Record the Treatments, Times and Results on your computer, Tablet or Touch Screen. There information will update the Invoicing transactions and the Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

Clinical Chart – Produce high-quality clinical documentation
Use the Progress Notes to document the progress of the Resident/Patient in the Rehabilitation program. The Progress Notes are part of the Interdisciplinary functionality of the EMR. Thus the progress notes will be viewable by all the other departments involved in the resident’s care. The notes can be displayed as part of the Interdisciplinary Care Plan meetings.

Outcomes – Measure Overall Functional Changes
Track clinical outcomes using the rehab-based measures on the proposed Care Tool. The Functional Changes in the resident’s measurements will be displayed in the patient Score Card.

Ancillary Charges for Invoicing
Recorded treatments generate Ancillary charges that are sent to the accounting system to be included in the invoices. The charges can be generated based on Relative Unit Values or Formulas.

  • Audiable Records
  • Assure Compliance
  • Point of Service
  • Quality of Life
  • Maximize Rehab Income
  • Data Capture via Touch
  • Capture Results & Times
  • Concurrent / Group Sessions
  • Direct / Indirect Minutes
  • Evaluations
  • Goal Tracking
  • Import / Export Functions
  • Measurable Results
  • Progress Notes
  • Stopwatch Functions
  • Treatments, Evaluations
Integrated With
  • ADT / Census Control
  • Ancillary / Vendor Charges
  • Billing / Accounts Receivable
  • Business Intelligence
  • EHR / EMR
  • Financials
  • HIPAA Security
  • Resident Scheduler