Financial Statements/ERP


The financial system produces closing statements after all adjusting entries have been posted. Reports created by this system are designed to present the entire financial picture of the enterprise/business.

A full range of financial and comparative statements can be printed. Per patient per day figures, budgets, percentages and statistics can be included on the statements.

The Financial Reporting System provides the following advantages:

  • Automatic Consolidation & Elimination — General Ledger accounts can be printed by various levels. The levels allow subaccounts to be consolidated into parent accounts.
  • Automatic Reversals — The system allows the input of statement entries made for statement purposes. These statement entries automatically reverse out the next month.
  • Crosswalk — Two G/L numbers can be kept for each account, giving the ability to translate functional accounting into areas of responsibility.
  • Per Diem Costs — A statistical accounting of expenses is provided on a per patient per day basis.
  • Recurring Journal Entries — Allows automatic posting of Journal entries that repeat each month.
  • Restricted Funds — Accounts can be set up for funds that can only be used for certain purposes.
  • Statistics — Each account automatically or manually keeps statistical data per accounting period. Multiple statistical data can be kept per each account.

  • Auto-Report Production
  • Flexible Formatting
  • Scalable Architecture
  • Minimal IT Engagement
  • Access Timely/Accurate Data
  • Generally Accepted Accounting Principles
  • Compliant Reporting
  • Multiple Print/Output Options
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Alerts/Warnings
  • Comparative/Variance Reports
  • Multiformat Publishing
  • Broad Application Support