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Consulting Services
The shift to a value-based system is disruptive to traditional health care business models. While the shift to value-based care is mandatory, the path to achieving it is uncertain to many organizations. ADL can assist your organization with powerful insights, expertise and solutions to ease the transition to these new systems. Organizations need to apply health intelligence, enable compliance, empower collaborative care and improve revenue cycle management. ADL can help make your health care system work better for everyone.

ADL Data Systems has been in the business of helping Long Term Care Providers operate more efficiently for more than 3 decades and during this time we’ve amassed a great wealth of knowledge that applies to running Skilled Nursing Facilities, Multi-site Homes, Specialty Care Units, Life Plan Communities (Continuing Care Retirement Communities), State Veteran Facilities and Adult Daycare Centers—particularly the pitfalls care providers face. So we’re more than just a software provider, we’re Long Term Care experts with a team of Projects Managers, Business Analysts, Clinical Billing Specialists, Nurses and MDS Consultants who are all keen on helping you manage overhead costs while still providing Top Quality Care to your residents.

Annual A/R Aging Review
Allow our billing experts to spend a week reviewing outstanding receivables to review assist you with significantly reducing these outstanding accounts, which in some cases can total hundreds of thousands of dollars that are not being addressed efficiently. Through the years, we’ve built a reputation as being the expert in reducing high Accounts Receivable balances.
• Audit Ledger
• Review Aged Receivables
• Run the Rebilling Process

Billing Services
ADL offers full-service billing support for SNFs and Hospices. Our Consulting Staff understand how to navigate the complex array of Medicare rules to assist our clients in avoiding delays in payments. We also offer solutions for effectively billing Medicaid, Medicare Part B Therapy and Medical supplies.
• Manage the End of Month Process
• Create Submission Files
• Enter Cash Receipts & Charges
• Generate Reports for Management Staff
• Denials Management and Appeals