Care Planning: Inter-Disciplinary Care Planning

Care Planning

Empower your clinicians to create flexible, Comprehensive Care Plans quickly from the assessments and charting that they are already performing.
Select from Standard Problem Sets written to the industry best practices and individualize the plan entries specific to the patient’s needs.

Dashboards and Workflow

  • Track Review Due Dates
  • Track Patient Care Progress
  • Update Goal/Review Dates
  • Track Care Plan Meetings

Standard Problem Set Libraries

  • Professional Problem Sets
  • Default Problems, Goals & Approaches
  • Track IDC Meetings
  • ADL / Reference Library
  • Best Practice Guidelines

Health Condition Library

  • Associate Plans by Diagnoses
  • Associate Plans by Symptoms
  • Attach Tasks by Discipline
  • Attach Tasks for Charting

Advanced Care Rules

  • Auto-Create Plans via Assessments
  • Auto-Create Plans via MDS
  • Advance & Custom Rules
  • Suggests Problems & Approaches
  • Individualize Care Plans

Structured Plans

  • Problems, Goals, Approaches & Disciplines
  • Drill down functions for details
  • Reorder Care Plan Structure
  • History of Changes

Download the Specification Sheet

  • Multi-Disciplinary Care Plans
  • Measured Reporting
  • Identify Potential Problems
  • Individualized Care Plans
  • Team-based Care
  • Reduce Missing Interventions
  • Schedule Reviews
  • Assignments by Discipline
  • Auto-Create Plans
  • Auto-Renew Goal Dates
  • Goal Dates / Onset Dates
  • Goals – Long / Term Short
  • Measurable Results
  • Multidisciplinary
  • Review Plan & Goal Dates
  • Rules-Based Suggestions
  • Progress Notes
Reference Libraries Supplied
  • Standard Problem Sets
  • Health Condition Library