MDS 3.0: Improve Care Planning & Reimbursements


MDS 3.0 Editor and Scheduler

  • Create error free submissions
  • Improve care planning
  • Increase data accuracy
  • Auto-fill diagnoses, rehabilitation and prescriptions from EMR

Assessment Reference Date Tool

  • Determine best approach to reach next RUG level
  • Quantify hours needed to gain higher reimbursements
  • Determine the best 7 day look back period to run assessments

Auto-RUG, ADL & CAA Scoring

  • Enter MDS once and automatically generate RUGs, CAAs, CMIs,
    RAPs and ADL scores
  • Create comprehensive error warnings for all MDS submissions

Suggested Care Plans Generator

  • Use CAAs to automatically draft a care plan with associated problem sets
  • Customize each plan for a specific resident


Advanced Schedulers

MDS Scheduling

Be more productive, stop counting Medicare admission days to determine the MDS schedule. Let the MDS Scheduler auto-calculate the next assessment directly from the date of admission and the last MDS submission.

ARD Optimizer

The Scheduler uses rehab minutes, both actual and projected, to assist you in determining the best date to select for your ARD in order to maximize the resident RUGS scores.

Medicare Scheduling

Accurately calculate PPS 5-14-30- 60-and 90 Day Assessment schedules. Optimal Grace Days can be assigned.

OFF Cycle MDS Assessments

Schedule MDS OMRA and Significant Change Assessments. The last covered Medicare day is highlighted in the Scheduler.

Download Specification Sheet

  • Control Staff Requirements
  • Maximize Reimbursement
  • Maximize RACUGS Scores
  • Eliminate Missing MDSs
  • Maximize CMI Scores
  • Maintain SFN Margins
  • Reduce Risk
  • Auto-Calc CAAs & CATs
  • Auto-Calc CMI, RUGs & ADLs
  • Auto-Fill from Assessments
  • Auto-Fill from Diagnoses
  • Auto-Fill from Physician Orders
  • Auto-Fill from Rehab
  • Error Checking
  • Federal Surveys (802 / 672)
  • Grace Days
  • OBRA / PPS Scheduler
  • Help Topics & RAI Manual
  • Print MDS Laser Forms
  • QI / QMs Trending
  • View History of MDS
  • View Prior Responses
Integrates With
  • ADT / Census Control
  • Care Plans
  • CNA Charting
  • MDS / ARD / RAI Schedulers
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Physician Order Entry
  • Rehabilitation
Corporate Compliance
  • HIPAA Security
  • PointRight
  • Team TSI
Report Writers
  • ADL Reportwriter
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services