eForms PDF: Using PDF Forms for Data Entry


PDF / WebForms

eForms PDF is an addon to the user Interface that enable handling all types of data-enabled PDF Acrobat Forms. Use government or commercial PDF forms to enter, print, save, and update the Patient/Resident databases. Users work on the forms they are familiar with while updating the Database and the Document Library.

Replace your facility’s paper forms and documents in all areas including:

  • Admission Forms
  • Legal Documents
  • Agreements
  • Advisement Notices
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Discharge
  • Miscellaneous
  • Employment Applications
  • Employee Registration
  • Purchase Orders
  • Any Custom Form

Completed eForms be saved into the Document Library and accessed with the Document Viewer.

Customized Criteria
Each form can place criteria into groups (such as ADLs and Nutrition) and then place items and sub-items within each group. Costs can then be associated at the sub-item level, allowing for very specific analysis. You decide what items and questions belong on each form. By creating these forms, you can meet the needs of both clinical and financial analysis.

Customized Questions
Every question on every form can be defined as check-off (multiple choice or Yes/No) or text-based, allowing you to decide which questions can be answered quickly, and which require a detailed response.

Dozens of Standard Filler PDF  templates are available to download from the Clients-only Portal. If custom forms are needed they can be easily be created by either your staff or ours.

Download the Specification Sheet
  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Integrates with Database
  • Enhance Record Accuracy
  • Ensure Chart Uniformity
  • Use Existing PDF Forms
  • WYSIWYG Data Entry
  • Scalable Forms
  • eMail Completed PDFs
  • Reduces Storage Space
  • Easy to Handle
  • Readable on Smartphones
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Custom Forms
  • Saves PDF with Data
  • Updates Database
  • Updates the Workflow