Professional Services

The shift to a value-based system is disruptive to traditional health care business models. While the shift to value-based care is mandatory, the path to achieving it is uncertain to many organizations. ADL can assist your organization with powerful insights, expertise and solutions to ease the transition to these new systems. Organizations need to apply health intelligence, enable compliance, empower collaborative care and improve revenue cycle management. ADL can help make your health care system work better for everyone.

Services include

Annual A/R Aging Review
Billing Services
Workflow Process Improvement
Reimbursement & Revenue
Staff Turnover Assistance

Managed Services

ADL can manage and assume responsibility for providing a defined set of services to organizations or facilities either proactively or as the services are needed. Firms providing this type of service are called Managed Service Providers (MSPs). When the organization is using the ADL Hosted Service (SAAS) model the MSP functions are automatically included with the hosting service.

Areas of Expertise

Oracle/SQL Database
Windows Servers
Windows Desktops
Backup Software
Network Configurations

Project Management

Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement
Our Project Management team works with your organization to address the challenges of ensuring successful project implementation and delivery. We work with clients when they need to deploy a new Project or enhance an existing Project to meet the continuously evolving challenges, functions, and services of the business.


To take your organization to the next level, our staff review and evaluate your existing workflow and provide recommendations targeted to enhance it. We will develop a transformational roadmap, identifying areas of opportunity, and will collaborate with you to create an Enhancement Plan.

Custom Programming Services

We have been practicing Agile software development methods in our projects since 2006 and focus entirely on delivering software that meets clients’ needs, eliminating any unproductive activities in the development process. Whether you are small, midsize or corporate, ADL can provide qualified developers for software development and testing.

Data Conversion

Our team is experienced in converting data from Spreadsheets, SQL Databases, CSV and External Files. With an extensive library of connectors, we are able to provide a smooth transition to your new system, minimizing the amount of data entry that is usually required.