Electronic Health/ Medical Records

Accident/ Incident


Admission Assessments
Periodic Assessments
Comprehensive Discipline Sections
Pain Assessment
Additional Assessments

Care Planning

Use the Standard Problem Sets and Health Condition Libraries to generate Care and Treatment Plans either automatically or using computer assist. Fully integrated with the Dashboards & Workflow to display the status of the Care Plans and Progress Notes.

CNA Charting

Point of Care Charting
Touch Enabled Devices
Nursing Assessments
MDS Full Integration
Chart Vital Signs

Dashboards & Task Boards

The EMRs Dashboards provide a status view across all the EMR Charts. At a glance, you can find all the unfinished and newly scheduled tasks to be performed. Drill down to the specific patient record that needs to be updated


Most Efficient Way to Chart
Intuitive User Interface
Positive Patient Id – Barcodes
Medication Administration Time

MDS 3.0

MDS 3.0 Editor
Assessment Reference Date Tool
Auto-RUG, ADL & CAA Scoring
Suggested Care Plans Generator
Customize Plans For Each Resident

Medical Records

Improve care & reduce risk
Embedded HL7 & XML Interfaces
Microsoft Office Style Interface
Complete e-Medical Charts
Automated Assessments

Order Entry

Computerize Physician Ordering to provide clearing and standardized orders. Orders are electronically sent to the corresponding vendors for process and are monitored via the EMR Dashboards. Entered Orders drive the Assessments and Care Planning so the EMR chart has consistency and integrity across all the EMR charting areas. Templates & Packaged Order Sets simplify the Ordering process and the time needed to enter the Orders.

Progress Notes

Progress Notes works across all the functions to provide a consolidated view of what is happening in all areas of the patient/resident’s care. View Notes from all departments and disciplines from a single Viewer.


Daily Resident Schedules
View Schedule by Nursing Unit
Color Coded Events
Conflict Resolution
Clinical Documentation Workflow

Skin Condition Tracking

Virtual Body Charting
Anatomically Correct
Library of Body Parts
Displays Current Condition