Therapeutic Interchanges: Save Costs Using Biosimilar Drugs

Therapeutic Interchanges

The increasing number of excellent generic or over-the-counter drugs means your patients have many cost-effective drug treatment options available to them for treating the most common diseases.  Physicians are often unaware of the cost-saving opportunities available.

The ADL Therapeutic Interchange helps facilities and physicians consider highly effective alternatives that will result in significant savings. Medication classes targeted for this management program:

  • Cholesterol-lowering medications (statins)
  • Stomach acid reducers (Proton Pump Inhibitors)
  • Non-sedating Antihistamines
  • Drugs for Depression
  • Anti-inflammatory agents (NSAIDs)

Complementary Program – Step Therapy

In its basic form, ADL Therapeutic Interchange targets patients on higher-cost drug therapies. The software can advise on Complementary Programs, called Step Therapy, for each of the same therapeutic categories. Step Therapy identifies new users of a particular category of drug when the prescription is first filled. In this way, the patient can be moved to an appropriate therapy regimen.

Hosted Interchange Services

The Therapeutic Interchange is calculated from your Vendor Pharmacy Charge File. This file is generated each day for the previous day dispensed medications that are to be invoiced to the facility. The file is automatically transferred to the Therapeutic Interchange that is hosted on Microsoft Azure Service. The Pharmacy Charge file is analyzed against a Unique Negative and Positive Formulary to determine what alternative therapeutic drugs can be used.

Web Access to Interchanges

Use your browser to access the Therapeutic Interchange screen and begin notifying the physicians of the Interchanges and step therapies that can be used to provide care for the patient and lower the operating drug costs for your organization.

  • Affordability
  • Lower Drug Costs
  • Value to Patients
  • Improve Outcomes
  • Cost Management
  • Gatekeeper Functions
  • Auto-Data Transfers
  • Analyze Charges in 24 hrs
  • Negative Formulary
  • Therapeutic Formulary
  • Charge Validator
  • Clinical –Driven
  • Web-Access
  • SAAS Service