Document Server: Your Paperless Office

Document Server

What is a document server?

A document server is a dedicated server that connects to a scanner device. I allows users to easily scan, share, and store digitized documents over the network.

Documents, such as forms and reports, are digitized into computer file formats (e.g. PDF, TIFF, JPEG or PCL) using either a scanner attached to a PC or the network. Once Digitized, the file can be sent to e-mail addresses, printers, file servers, the Web, or stored in a Directory on the Document Server’s disk drives.

Document Servers provide a faster, cheaper, and safer method of distributing/sharing documents.

Document Imaging

  • Scan paper documents to store in accounting/patient modules
  • Supports JPEG, PDF, or TIFF and high-resolution format

Data Repository

  • Hospital ADT Documents
  • Correspondence
  • MRI, X-Ray, Labs & CT Scans
  • Legal Documents
  • Dept of Social Services Communications

Metadata and Searching

  • Mark up docs with metadata
  • Locate files using keywords.

OCR Conversions

  • Copy recognized text from scanned image
  • Fax into Microsoft Word and other Office programs

Save Faxes

  • Create an archive for faxes
  • Store faxes as images
  • Email files as attachments

Download Specification Sheet
  • Replaces Paper
  • No Lost Documents
  • Reduce Searching Time
  • Save Filing Storage Space
  • View Documents Remotely
  • Archive Documents
  • Access From User Interface
  • Save from Fax / Email
  • Integrated Document Viewer
  • Attach Metatags
  • Searchable Documents
  • Multiple Document Types
  • PDF or TIFF Files
Integrated With
  • Accounting & Financials
  • ADT / Census Control
  • EMR / EHR / Clinicals
Scanners Supported
  • TWAIN Compatible