General Ledger/ERP: Enterprise Multi-Dimensional Views

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General Ledger

Automatic G/L Posting

  • Integrates with Optimum Series accounting and financial modules
  • All recorded financial activity posts directly to details and summaries of the appropriate G/L accounts

Journal Entries

  • Import files from third party software
  • Extract financials directly from Optimum Accounting
  • Edit and print journals manually
  • Auto-posted batches to prevent posting out-of-balance entries

Automatic Distributions

  • Auto-distribute entry amounts based on predefined percentage distribution codes


  • Assign levels to General Ledger
  • Control financial consolidation by level of detail or grouping
  • Consolidate reports by facility, department or cost center
  • Group funding sources per patient or per day

Powerful, Flexible Reports

  • Create and save report templates
  • Print customized reports
  • Compare budget to current balances
  • Variances given in dollar percentage or per resident/per day cost
  • Compare quarterly results against previous results
  • View year-to-date totals
  • Limit reports by range of accounts

Download the Specification Sheet
  • Multiple Care Levels & Services
  • Natural Classification
  • Segment Reporting
  • Real-time Integration
  • Reduce TCO
  • Responsibility Accounting
  • Supports Multiple Facilities
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts
  • Auto-Close Periods
  • Auto-Close Year End
  • Auto-Accruals/Reversals
  • Budgets Prior/Current/Future
  • Flexible Drill-Downs
  • Journal Entries – Recurring
  • Journal Entries – Standard
  • Multi-Care & Service Levels
  • Multi-Site Support
  • Optional Rounding Functions
  • Reversing Entries
  • Statistical Entries
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts
  • User-Defined Periods
  • Departmental
  • Detail Account Level
  • Multiple Ranges
  • Report Templates
  • User-Defined
  • Variance
Reports Ordered By:
  • Account Number
  • Natural Classification
  • Responsibility Accounting
  • Uniform Chart of Accounts
  • User-Defined