eForms PDF: Using PDF Forms for Data Entry


eForms PDF is an addon to the user Interface that enable handling all types of data-enabled PDF Acrobat Forms. Use government or commercial PDF forms to enter, print, save, and update the Patient/Resident databases. Users work on the forms they are familiar with while updating the Database and the Document Library.

Replace your facility’s paper forms and documents in all areas including:

  • Admission Forms
  • Legal Documents
  • Agreements
  • Advisement Notices
  • Nursing Assessments
  • Discharge
  • Miscellaneous
  • Employment Applications
  • Employee Registration
  • Purchase Orders
  • Any Custom Form

Completed eForms be saved into the Document Library and accessed with the Document Viewer.

  • Reduces Paperwork
  • Integrates with Database
  • Enhance Record Accuracy
  • Ensure Chart Uniformity
  • Use Existing PDF Forms
  • WYSIWYG Data Entry
  • Scalable Forms
  • eMail Completed PDFs
  • Reduces Storage Space
  • Easy to Handle
  • Readable on Smartphones
  • Downloadable Forms
  • Custom Forms
  • Saves PDF with Data
  • Updates Database
  • Updates the Workflow