Physician Order Entry: CPOE


Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) provides facilities a way to create, update and sign electronic Physician Orders that display in the same format as a printed Physician Orders Sheet. Highlights include:

Computerized Physician Orders

  • Electronically create & sign orders
  • Orders display as they would on a Physician Orders Sheet
  • Drill down to view order details

Alerts, Notifications & Dashboards

  • Embedded First Bank database
  • Reduce medication errors
  • Verify Orders do not conflict
  • Print or display patient educational drug monographs.
The Order Entry module makes extensive use of the First Data Bank MedKnowledge database (formerly NDDF Plus) to provide medication decision support and care guidance at the point of care. The Order Entry module seamlessly integrates the MedKnowledge database enabling the Prescriber to make more precise medication-related decisions to improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes.

First Databank specification sheets may be found here and here.

– Or visit the FDB website at:

  • Monitor Drugs
  • Coordinate Task Assignments
  • Standardized Orders
  • Control Costs
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Barcoding
  • Definable Orders
  • Definable Templates & Sets
  • Interaction Checking
  • Duplicate Therapy Checking
  • DEA Certification
  • Discharge Rxs
  • Part D Coverage
  • Piggyback Orders
  • Draft/Recommended Orders
  • Noting & Signing Orders
  • Formulary Management
  • Positive Patient Id
  • Recertifications
Integrated With
  • ADT/Census
  • Allergy/Diagnoses
  • eMAR/eTAR
  • First DataBank Database
  • HIPAA Security
  • MDS/Care Plans
  • Notes – Interdisciplinary
  • Surescripts
Order Types
  • Active, Discharged & Drafts
  • First Dose & Short-Term
  • Global Interim & Routine
HL7 Bi-directional Gateways
  • Pharmacies (Vendor/In-house)
  • Health Information Exchanges
  • Hospitals
  • Laboratory & Radiology
  • Physician Groups
Report Writers
  • Crystal Reports
  • Fast Reports
  • SQL Reporting Services