ADL Data EMR can utilize the Microsoft Active Directory for Logon Authentication

ADL Data EMR can utilize the Microsoft Active Directory for Logon Authentication.

This is to assist organizations that want to manage the computer security from using Microsoft Active Directory.

Flags can be set to have user passwords managed through the Active Directory.

ADL passwords will not be checked to logon.

ADL Security module has been modified as follows:

  • Global flag added to indicate MS Active Directory is to be used.
  • ADL programs will ignore Passwords on startup and use the Users Active Directory Login.
  • Available Actions/Functions continue to be based on User Roles defined in ADL security.
  • Strong Password is checked/handled by Active Directory Security.



New Task List Function

Modeled after Microsoft’s Office Outlook program, this new feature enables users to make lists of things you need to do and check them off as you’re done. Just click and type to add new tasks and set due dates. Separate Task lists can be built for the patients, nursing unit or yourself.