Auto-select ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes in ADL Order Entry

Enhanced ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes Accessibility

Medication and lab orders in ADL will now display the most commonly used ICD-10 codes, based on the type of order. Upon entering an order into the system, prescribers will be prompted to choose from a list of the most appropriate ICD-10 codes, based on the medication or lab that they are ordering. Users will then select one of the available options or will be able to enter a code of their choice. The system will also show which are the best codes to maximize reimbursement.


ADL 10.6 Omnicare Certification

ADL Data Systems, a software provider for nursing homes, announced that its electronic health record platform has been certified with Omnicare, the leading pharmacy services provider for nursing homes. ADL clients using the Physician Order Entry system can engage in bi-directional communications via the NCPDP Scripts 10.6 interface to electronically transmit prescriptions to Omnicare.

The Omnicare Certification assures that facilities using the ADL software will have a seem-less experience electronically communicating with Omnicare Pharmacies.  The integration time and costs are significantly less.

The integration assists in Omnicare being able to process and fill their Rx Orders quickly and accurately. This reduces the risk of medication errors and reduces the time needed to deliver the medications to the facility. With medication management being the number one risk factor in nursing homes, this certification with Omnicare makes an easy decision for nursing homes to improve their current medication ordering and administration processes.

About ADL Data Systems
ADL Data Systems, Inc. helps nursing homes meet the challenges of operating long term care senior facilities by enabling them to achieve better patient care while mitigating risks. For more information on ADL Data Systems software solutions, please visit or follow us on Twitter @adldata.


New User Interfaces

The ADL Main application and the Order Entry modules will be released with a new rich, modern User Interface (UI). The Interface is built on the same technology as Microsoft Office products. The new User Interface offers:

  • A rich context menu system.
  • More information and Functions neatly displayed for the User.
  • Consistent appearance and behavior across Ribbon applications.
  • Adherence to Windows UI guidelines for a first-class Windows experience through accessibility standards, visual style (theming) support, automatic high contrast adjustments, and high dots per inch (dpi) awareness.
  • Placement and organization of functions for the Users.
  • Provision for more information and functions to be available to the User

The User Interface will be integrated with all the modules over the next 6 months


Physician Order Entry for Wait Listed Patients

CPOE module now allows entering “Draft Orders” for Patients on the Waiting List. Physician can enter Draft Orders for patients to be admitted later time or day. The Orders remain in “Draft mode” until the patient is admitted to the facility at which point they are automatically set to Active.

This function assists the facility in being able to prepare for a patient enter the facility during non-business hours and weekends. Thus working relatives can accompany a patient during an admission at more convenient times, without disrupting their work schedules.


MDS Section O Medications Auto-Fill Function

Auto-Fill button added to the MDS Section O which populates the fields based on what has been entered in the computerized physician order entry (CPOE) module. This functionality facilities using either the Optimum Computerized Order Entry module or have a Bi-Directional HL7 Interface with their existing Pharmacy Vendor.