Scandent System to Prevent Property Loss

Scandent: Prevent Loss & Theft

From dentures, hearing aids, and glasses, to cell phones, laptops, jewelry, wallets, clothing and medical devices, Scandent can protect virtually any resident or facility property from loss and theft.

The Scandent Solution

Scandent eliminates loss and theft by attaching small RFID tags to various items and assets, installing RFID readers in areas through which lost or stolen items are likely to pass, and providing mobile, handheld scanners for on-demand searching. When an item is detected, Scandent alerts staff through a customizable combination of emails, texts, and phone calls.

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ADL Applications are Code Signed and Time Stamped

To prevent tampering or compromise of applications by unauthorized parties, software developers digitally sign their programs with code signing certificates.

Code signing is the process of digitally signing application executables and scripts to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered or corrupted since it was signed. The process uses  a cryptographic hash to validate authenticity and integrity of the applications underlying code. This greatly improves the ability of the anti-virus to determine if a software application has been compromised.

A Code Signing Certificate works on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)  consisting of a public key and private key. The private key is used to sign the data, and the public key is used to confirm the signature of the data. Upon signing the software code, the applications are timestamped to avoid unwanted expirations of the digital certificate.

Our Continuous Build Server is programmed to Code sign an application whenever it is compiled for testing and/or release,

The Certificate of Authority is handled by SSL Digital Authentication Services. For more information on Code Signing visit:


VTrckS Functionality

VTrckS is a robust vaccine management application that allows CDC, awardees, and providers to order and manage publicly-funded vaccines more efficiently. The following maps how VTrckS can support vaccine distribution during an emergency or pandemic. 


Pandemic Vaccine Distribution, Tracking, Administration, and Monitoring Title: Pandemic Vaccine Distribution, Tracking, Administration, and Monitoring Author: CDC/NCIRD Subject: During an pandemic, CDC is uniquely equipped to scale up existing vaccine distribution, tracking, administration, and monitoring systems to support pandemic response.

ADL Constant Contact Integration – Synchronizing Contact Information

ADL now has an automatic interface with Constant Contact that synchronizes the resident’s contact with the mailing list contacts in Constant Contact. Enter and update the information in ADL and the data synchronizes with Constant Contact.

This enables use of the best-in-class instant contact software to communicate with the resident’s contacts, family, friends, emergency contacts, guarantors and attorneys.

Prospects entered in the waiting list can be synchronized to enable user to use Constant Contact for email campaigns.

Easy way to maintain communications with the future residents.

Constant Contacts features an easy-to-use publishing dashboard, enabling you to send emails to resident’s contacts or social media and respond to messages, mentions and comments on Facebook and Instagram—all from within your account..

You can even post social content to your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter networks.

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