07/26/16 Financial Software Update Webinar

Financial Software Update OFU36.00 – Presented by Aaron Weg
Tuesday, July 26, 2016
2:00-3:00pm (EST) 

This webinar will cover the changes listed below that will be included in the OFU36.00 update.

Please refer to release notes, mailed to you shortly after registering. To register, please email hotline@adldata.com.



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MDS Cheat Sheets Updated

ADL has assembled and created a large collection of MDS cheat sheets to assist the Nurses and MDS coordinators accurately complete and maximize their MDS’s. These cheat sheets can easily be accessed by using the Help Topics icon in the Windows ribbon of the MDS program (top right of the window).

New MDS specs – for 10/1/2016 implementation

ADL has completed programming and testing for the new MDS specifications to be effective 10/1/2016.

Here is a brief description of the major changes:

  • New item set NPE (SPE is mentioned in the specs, but was removed in the Errata)
  • New field A0310H/X0600H
  • Replaced fields C1300 with C1310
  • New section GG
  • New section S fields
  • Changes in field / ISC matrix
  • Changes in NQ in South Dakota