Healthcare Smartphone Apps

Epocrates Review drug prescribing and safety information for thousands of brand, generic and OTC drugs. Check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions between up to 30 brand, generic, OTC or alternative drugs at a time. Get information on hundreds of lab tests and panels. Consult normal lab value ranges for various populations, view preparation and collection guidance, and check test costs and associated ICD-9s.
EMRA Abx Find antibiotics based on organ system, diagnosis, or organism. Virtually every type of infectious disease is covered for outpatient management and for patients needing admission. Includes everything you’ve come to love about EMRA’s printed guide, but with the ability to search.
PediDoser Finding the right medication dose for your pediatric outpatients has never been so easy.
PediSTAT A rapid reference when caring for pediatric patients in the emergency or critical care environment.
PEPID Available anytime, anywhere, on any device, PEPID allows clinicians to bring the information they need to the bedside to help improve patient care and medication safety.
PEDI Safe An advanced airway management and cardiac resuscitation app for the pediatric patient. In an emergency, healthcare providers can quickly identify a patient’s weight or Broselow color, and then Pedi Safe displays all appropriate weight based dosing, equipment sizes, and normal vital signs.
OBWheel (PRO) Multi-function pregnancy calculator.