MDS Reference Sheets


MDS Reference Sheets

View and download printable PDF MDS Reference Sheets.

Below are cheatsheet materials developed by the ADL Nursing staff to assist in the MDS Assessment, Scheduling and Submission processes. The cheatsheets are designed to help maximize your reimbursement rates and maximize the Patient care.

Documents are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), therefore you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print the documents. Download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader at //


adobe Development & Validation of a Revised Nursing Home Assessment Tool: MDS 3.0

adobe Medicare-Required SNF PPS Assessments, February 2016

adobe MDS Assessments Required by CMS

adobe Medicare-Required SNF PPS Assessments

adobe MDS OBRA Assessment Scheduling Tool — 2016

adobe Resident Census & Conditions of Residents: Use with Form CMS-672

Coding & Scoring Tips

adobe ADL Scoring Cheat Sheet

adobe MDS Fall Coding Tip Sheet

adobe MDS HIPPS Modifiers

adobe MDS Fall Coding

adobe MDS Restraint Coding Tips

adobe Another MDS Restraint Coding Tip Sheet

adobe MDS Skin Condition Coding

adobe MDS Tips Sheet (Landscaped)

adobe MDS Tips Sheet (Portrait)


adobe Case Mix Information

adobe Rapid RUG Guide, RUG-IV, 48 Group Classification updated 10/9/2014

adobe Rapid RUG-IV Guide (48 Group Classification) Short Version

adobe Resource Utilization Group, Version IV: 48-Group User Guide

adobe MDS 3.0 RUG-IV Decision Tree – 48 Grouper

adobe MDS 3.0 RUG-IV Decision Tree – 48 Grouper Minnesota Case Mix System

adobe MDS 3 RUG 53 Groups

adobe MDS 3 RUG III Version 5.12_44 Grouper

adobe Minimum Data Set Supportive Documentation Guidelines RUG-III, Version 5.12, 34 Grouper June 1, 2012

adobe RUG-III Version 5.2 Calculator Worksheet 34 Group Model

adobe RUG-IV Cheat Sheet

adobe RUG-IV Classification System (66 Group) with Medicare Case Mix Indices for 10/1/2010

adobe RUG-IV Grouper Overview: Logic Version 1.03 and Code version 1.03.0 July 18, 2013

adobe RCA-RUG Classification

adobe RUG-IV Systems Colored, Easy to View Chart


adobe MDS 3.0 LookBack Periods

adobe MDS 3.0 Resident Interview Handouts

adobe MDS 3.0 Advanced Training Handout by the Ohio Department of Health

adobe MDS 3.0 Quality Measures User’s Manual V7.0 4/3/2013

adobe Skilled Nursing Facility Checklist for Medical Record Documentation

adobe WPS Health Insurance Medicare SNF PPS MDS3.0 Payment Scheduler

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