Administrative Software for Healthcare Executives

Nursing Home


If you’re a Long Term Care Provider who manages a Skilled Nursing Facility, a Veterans Home, Adult Day Care Program or Senior Living Center then you need quick answers and access to critical data in a hurry. Well, the OptimumSeries—brought to you by ADL Data Systems—is the solution for you!

A full suite of sophisticated software specifically designed for long term care providers, OptimumSeries is a comprehensive decision support system for nursing home administrators and executives. Indeed, our tools are the top choice among healthcare professionals across the United States because they empower people to effectively manage crucial financial data, quality of care issues and day to day operations.

Access Your Information Instantly

OptimumSeries’s offers an intuitive interface that’s easy to learn and consistent throughout the system. The drill down feature available in our software also allows you to dig deeper, uncover the answers you need and the ability to follow a digital audit trail back to the originating invoice, check or journal entry. So you eliminate trips to the filing cabinet and enhance your control over managing your facility thanks to an integrated Clinical EMR and Financial Billing System.

  • ADT Real Time Census
  • Alerts & ToDo Lists
  • Analytics & Reporting (OLAP)
  • Business Performance
  • Dashboards & Score Cards
  • Financial Reporting
  • Resident Schedulers
  • Workflow
Key Features
  • Windows Look & Feel
  • Simple Setup & Navigation
  • Relational Databases
  • Appointment Calendars
  • Area/Unit Views
  • Financial Ratios
  • Dept Summaries
  • Status reports
  • Web Services