State Veteran Homes

Software for State Veteran Homes

ADL has been providing software specific to the needs of State Veterans Homes for over 20 years. Our OptimumSeries consists of integrated Accounting and Clinical applications for Long Term Care and Assisted living facilities. The modules have specific support functions for Veteran Home specific tasks.

EHR/EMR is a complete Electronic Health Record enabling you to automate the entire clinical documentation so clinicians can work accurately and be more productive.

ADL has become the proven leader in the Veterans Home marketplace, with applications spanning the full continuum of care.

OptimumSeries provides for Veterans-specific needs, including:

  • Automatic Calculation of Payment Calculation formulas
  • Form Handling  VAforms 10-10EZ, 10-10EC, 10-10-EZR, 10-1010EZ, 10-10SH, 10-5588);
  • Collect Veteran Eligibility and Campaign information
  • State Reporting Requirements

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