COVID-19 Medical Device Content

COVID-19 Medical Device Content

FDB has developed, at no cost or obligation, an extensive list of manufacturers and vendors of supplies such as ventilators, N95 masks, gloves, and other protective equipment. Part numbers and UDI information are included, as well as each manufacturer’s contact information. We hope that this information, curated from our FDB Prizm™ medical device knowledge platform and other available sources, will help organizations identify new suppliers for the items they are currently finding unavailable.

If hospitals and other healthcare organizations would like to receive this resource in easy-to-use spreadsheet form, they can complete and submit the contact form on our website at // FDB will be updating this information as new suppliers enter the market—including some non-traditional distributors that are jumping in to help meet the need—and will send these updates to everyone who receives the list.

FDB COVID-19 Drug Information

FDB has provided COVID-19 related drug information for three drugs: remdesivir, chloroquine, and hydroxychloroquine. This information includes professional content (specialty drug monographs) and consumer content (patient medication instructions from our Meducation® solution and consumer medication information from the FDB MedKnowledge® solution). Select COVID-19 testing kits have been added to the MedKnowledge database as well. This content is available for anyone to view and download, at no cost or obligation, at //

We hope you find it helpful.

Upgrade to Oracle 19c

ADL Applications have been upgraded to support Oracle 19c Autonomous Database Server. Oracle 19c is a next-generation self-driving, self-securing, and self-repairing database. 

Overview of new features include:

  1. Multi-tenant Maturity
  2. Partitioning Enhancements
  3. Data Guard Improvements
  4. PDB Snapshot Carousel
  5. EXTERNAL Table Improvements, including Database In-Memory and Partitioning

Upgrades will be scheduled once the next ADL software update is released.

WebForms and PDF Forms Gain Barcode Access

ADL will release a barcode feature for the PDF forms, which provides an alternative way to retrieve account information. This feature will be included in the next software update. Every ADL form will now contain an embedded barcode that is printed on the side of the form. With an attached scanner, a User can retrieve the document source and corresponding data by simply scanning the barcode provided on the form.

This makes locating the account and the data entry screen, a simple scanning action.

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