Daycare – GuildNet Electronic Billing

GuildNet is a managed long-term care plan coordinating services for adults wishing to remain in their homes as long as possible. Daycare programs provide services to clients with GuildNet coverage can submit claims electronically.


OptimumSeries Charge Master Change History

Charge Master-File, which defines the Ancillary Charges used, now records pricing, costs and data changes by date. This allows the retroactive rebilling to accurately recalculate an invoice for the charges with the period.

Now you can analyze and trend charge pricing and costs over a select period of time.


Tracking Medicare Part D Plans

Software update to allow entering and tracking patients’ Medicare Part D Insurers and Plans. The Plan information will be used in the Order Entry to prevent physicians from ordering drugs that are not covered under the patient’s plan. Once the coverage is entered, the Order Entry module can check the drug being ordered against the coverage. If the drug is not covered the system automatically displays the covered medications that can be substituted for the Ordered Medication.

If not covered medications are ordered, the cost of the Rx will be invoiced to the facility. A detailed description of the non-covered drugs can be found at: //

Update will include the Medicare Part D tables that define all the available plans.


New Avery Label Print Functions

Ability to print User Defined Avery Labels from the User Interface will be released in the next software update. Label print functions has been enhanced to allow users to:
1. Define the fields to print on the label
2. Position the fields on the label
3. Select the type of Avery Labels that are in the printer.

This will allow the users to use different size labels and the special label sheets with multiple labels. for additional information regarding Avery labels visit: //

Future enhancements will allow creating 1 and 2 dimensional barcodes with the data.


Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX) HL7 Gateway

HL7 Gateway for the Brooklyn Health Information Exchange (BHIX) is now available for members of the RHIO (Regional Health Information Exchange). RHIO members can use the gateway to exchange information with other RHIO providers. Exchanging information reduces the amount of paperwork needed to process a patient.

Once the gateway is installed on the application serer, Admission, Discharge, Transfer information is automatically sent to the RHIIO. The scope of the information exchanged can be user defined.