Order Entry – WorkFlow Engine Added

The Workflow Engine facilitate the flow and management of information, tasks, and events throughout the organization.

The workflow engine interprets events, tasks, messages and acts on them according to User definable operational procedures. The Actions allow management of Approvals, Escalations and Canceling Orders.

The workflow engine’s main functions are:


Verify Status: Checks the status of an Event or Transactions.
Determine User Authority: Check whether the current user is permitted to execute the task.
Execute Condition script: Workflow engine evaluates the conditions and determines the script to be run, if a condition is true, workflow engine executes the defined tasks.


Instant Messaging Chat Add-On

Instant Messaging Chat (IM-Chat) technology is used to send text-based communication between two or more participants on the network.

IM–Chat happens in real-time sending messages between the Active Users on the system. IM-Chat is revolutionizing the workplace, accelerating productivity, and helps maintaining collaborative team cultures.

IM-Chat allows users to effectively be in multiple places at the same time, changing the way we work.


Using IM-Chat is quick and easy, you don’t need a phone, just type and immediately your message displays on the other users’ screens. IM-Chart benefits are:

• Rapid dissemination of information
• Faster response to patients needs
• Immediate decision-making
• Improved remote team collaboration
• Enhanced individual and team productivity
• Runs on your existing server

OptimumSeries Integrates MEDS – Electronic Medicaid Application Submissions

ADL announces a joint project to integrate RES Systems MEDS System to provide for electronic submissions of New York City Medicaid applications.

The agreement with RES Systems is to integrate their MEDS – Medicaid Application Submission software directly with the OptimumSeries Interface. Since MEDS interfaces directly with the New York City Medicaid Program’s EDITS system, facilities will be able to electronically process Nursing Home Applications, Conversions, Status Changes, and Recertifications directly from the OptimumSeries user Interface.


ADL OptimumSeries users will be able to transfer information to/from the MEDS module.

RES Services – MEDS system has been EDITS-certified since 2007.

OptimumSeries Integrates with MaxxVault’s Enterprise

OptimumSeries modules now provides Direct Integration with MaxxVault’s Enterprise Document Management Software, allowing users to directly access scanned content like documents, faxes, videos and medical images stored in MaxxVault.

When MaxxVault functions are invoked, automatically the patient and folders are selected based on the patient and functions being processed in the OptimumSeries User Interface.

Extensive context defined searches allow you to retrieve stored documents while working in ADL’s OptimumSeries User Interface.


MaxxVault provides electronic document management solutions for small and large healthcare companies. MaxxVault scales from in a single department to an enterprise wide document imaging solution.

OCRVault and WorkFlow
OCRVault can read your TIFF and PDF documents, with an advanced Optical Character Recognition technology, and accurately translate them into text documents. MaxxVault can then scan the text to populate index values and trigger workflow and filing rules. Imagine, a piece of paper is faxed or scanned and is automatically indexed and properly filed with fully editable content.

For More Information on MaxxVault visit:

OptimumSeries Now Provides Direct Interface to EMC’s Documentum Platform

OptimumSeries modules now provide Direct Interfaces to EMC’s Documentum Platform. This allows users to directly access to content (documents, photos, videos and medical images) via context defined searches when working in the OptimumSeries User Interface (GUI).

EMC Documentum provides for managing different types of content including business documents, photos, video, medical images, e-mail, XML-tagged documents, … etc. The Documentum Core is a repository in which the content is stored securely under compliance rules. This repository appears as a unified environment, although content may reside on multiple servers and physical storage devices.


Documentum provides a suite of services which include document management, collaboration, search, content classification, input management, customer communication management, Web content management, digital asset management, forms processing, Information Rights Management, compliance, and archiving.