New Minimum RSA Key Size for Code Signing Certificates

Beginning on May 31, 2021, the minimum RSA key size for code signing and EV code signing certificates issued by increased from 2048 to 3072 bits. This change is  part of our continual efforts to follow current industry best practices and remain in compliance with all applicable standards, including the CA/Browser forum’s Baseline Requirements for code signing and EV code signing guidelines. Minimum sizes for ECC code signing keys will remain unchanged. With future releases,  customers can expect the following effects from this change:

  • Code signing and EV code signing certificates issued before May 31, 2021 (including those with 2048-bit RSA keys) will continue to work as usual until they expire. The ADL certificates will remain in effect for a year; no action is necessary at the present time.
  • eSigner EV code signing certificates will be issued with 3072-bit RSA keys at which time ADL will upgrade the document signing.