Higher Reimbursement with MDS ARD Optimizer

New MDS ARD scheduling functions have been added to the Optimum/EMR to enable Rehabilitation therapists/MDS coordinators to determine the best MDS ARD date to use by analyzing a patient’s administered/scheduled treatments, submission date range and projecting the highest MDS scores attainable.

Calculating an optimized MDS ARD Date is a complex process that requires; evaluating data from multiple Rehabilitation sources, projecting the MDS Case Mix Index (CMI), based on completed/scheduled treatments and selecting the appropriate submission date within the period. The MDS ARD Optimizer simplifies the process of selecting the best possible MDS ARD submission date by projecting the most appropriate assessment reference date to use for each MDS. Also, the Optimizer assists the therapist in rearranging the scheduled treatments to optimize the MDS CMI scores.

Selecting optimum MDS ARD dates cam increase your MDS/CMI scores and improve your facility’s revenue by thousands of dollars per month.

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