Software has been enhanced to support the ICD10 codes. In an effort to ensure that our clients have sufficient time to plan and implement the needed changes to support ICD-10, the software has been enhanced to handle the ICD10 coding.

CMS Deadlines •March 31, 2013: Internal impact assessment: Determine how ICD-10 codes will affect your organization. •May 31, 2013: External impact assessment: Understand how ICD-10 implementation will affect your payers, vendors and other partners. How will you need to support their compliance? •May 31, 2013: Baseline budget formulation: Figure out how much the ICD-10 transition will cost. •Through June 31, 2013: Education: Raise ICD-10 awareness requirements and formal training for key personnel. •Dec. 31, 2013: Business process changes: Upgrade systems, procedures and technologies. •March 31, 2014: Internal testing and validation: ICD-10 codes must work in your organization •Sept. 30, 2014: External testing and validation: Test transactions and medical claims with your partners.

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