ADL Integrates HIPAA Messaging

Secure Text Messaging for Your Physicians and Staff

ADL has integrated CellTrust HIPAA-compliant secure text messaging with our EMR software. Now Nurses and Doctors can communicate with each other using their smartphones or their PC Workstations.

Improve Your Communication for a More Efficient System of Care

Celltrust secure text messaging is as fast and easy as texting with all your physicians at the touch of a button. No more wasting hours playing phone tag. Better real time communication between nurses and physicians reduces readmission rates

 Multi-Channel Communication – Availability Anytime, Anywhere

CellTrust’s secure text messaging works on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and your desktop computer. It’s also available in those facility dead spots. The Paging alert function will track down physicians until the message is read. So you know you can count on your messages getting through – anytime and anywhere.

Secure mobile communication technology capable of dual-channel (data/Wi-Fi and unique failover channel) communication

In the event the data channel is not available, encrypted messages can be sent via the Common Control Channel for failover SMS text messaging and redundant paging.

SecureLine Block Diagram

Delivery Acknowledgement

Sender receives validated proof that their secure message was opened or deleted, providing a high level of traceability and assurance that critical information is received.

SecureLine Cell Phone